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Firespot Automatic Fire Extinguisher | Alat Pemadam Kebakaran Otomatis

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01 / 08 / 2023
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BITFIRE INDONESIA adalah Perusahaan Penyedia Barang, Jasa Konsultan dan Kontraktor di bidang Mekanikal Elektrikal Sistem, termasuk bidang Pencegahan Bahaya Kebakaran, Kesehatan & Keselamatan Kerja ( K-3) dan Sistem keamanan kerja. BITFIRE Indonesia menyediakan Produk dan Layanan unggulan yang dapat diterapkan untuk Industri Minyak dan Gas.

Detail Firespot Automatic Fire Extinguisher | Alat Pemadam Kebakaran Otomatis

Gunnebo FireSpot with DuPont™ FE-36™ media are designed for protection of light and ordinary hazards. Typical applications include: Vehicles or other Transportation industry, Computer rooms, Essential communication areas, Irreplaceable Data, Document dan Data Center Art Storage Rooms, Laboratories, Sensitive/ expensive equipment, etc Available in 1 size : 2, 4 lbs. Protecting What Matters Most With DuPont™ FE-36™ DuPont™ FE-36™ is proving to be the standard in-kind replacement for Halon 1211 in portable fire extinguishers. DuPont™ FE-36™ has comparable performance and efficiency to Halon 1211, lower toxicity, as well as zero ozone depletion potential. In a portable fire extinguisher, DuPont™ FE-36™ is discharged as a stream of gas and liquid droplets that penetrate into the fire area, ceasing the combustion process through heat absorption and a chemical interaction. DuPont™ FE-36™ is also a replacement for Halon 1301 in local application systems, such as modular systems. DuPont™ FE-36™ is: - Safe for people - A clean agent that does not leave a residue - Electrically nonconductive, noncorrosive and no thermal shock - An environmentally preferred alternative to Halon with zero Ozone Depletion Potential ( ODP) Institution and Agency Recognition for DuPont™ FE-36™ Component approval from FM Approvals Component recognition from Underwriters Laboratories ( UL) Listed as HFC-236fa and an acceptable replacement for Halon 1211 in the: U.S. EPA' s Significant New Alternative Policy ( SNAP) program National Fire Protection Association ( NFPA) 2001 Clean Agent Standard International Standards Organization ( ISO) 14520 European Committee for Standardization ( CEN) 14520 Halon Alternatives Group ( HAG), tabung pemadam kebakaran
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