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HC-202D Ionization Smoke Detector

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03 / 08 / 2023
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BITFIRE INDONESIA adalah Perusahaan Penyedia Barang, Jasa Konsultan dan Kontraktor di bidang Mekanikal Elektrikal Sistem, termasuk bidang Pencegahan Bahaya Kebakaran, Kesehatan & Keselamatan Kerja ( K-3) dan Sistem keamanan kerja. BITFIRE Indonesia menyediakan Produk dan Layanan unggulan yang dapat diterapkan untuk Industri Minyak dan Gas.

Detail HC-202D Ionization Smoke Detector

Description : Ionization smoke detector responds to smoke. It has an ionization chamber inside. The ionization chamber with ions in it will generate a constant, small electric current.When smoke enters this detector, the smoke particles attach to the ions inside the chamber and neutralize them. That will cause the current inside the chamber drop, therefore trigger the detector alarm. Features : * With dual LED, easy to observe state of detector. * With dual LED flash once every 4 ~ 6 seconds in peacetime to show if the detector work normally. * The dual LED light up constantly when the detector alarms. * With ( -R) contact to connect to a remote indicating lamp to show alarm signal in different area. Specification : Voltage : 24VDC System from Panel Standby Current : 35¼ A Alarm Current : 60mA Suitable Temperature : -15~ 50° C Suitable Humidity : 0~ 95% RH Size : 103mm x 47mm Weight : 140g Material : Fire-resisting ABS material Joint Contact : Copper ( zinc-plated) Color : Ivory White Notes Prohibit from being installed at the places with large volume of smoke and steam lingering, and the inlet and outlet of cold and warm air. Alat pendeteksi asap
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