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HC-206B Optical Photoelectric Smoke Detector

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22 / 04 / 2024
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BITFIRE INDONESIA adalah Perusahaan Penyedia Barang, Jasa Konsultan dan Kontraktor di bidang Mekanikal Elektrikal Sistem, termasuk bidang Pencegahan Bahaya Kebakaran, Kesehatan & Keselamatan Kerja ( K-3) dan Sistem keamanan kerja. BITFIRE Indonesia menyediakan Produk dan Layanan unggulan yang dapat diterapkan untuk Industri Minyak dan Gas.

Detail HC-206B Optical Photoelectric Smoke Detector

Description : Optical Photoelectric smoke detector responds to smoke. It has a chamber inside consists of a “ light-emitting diode ( LED) ” that constantly shoots a beam of light and a “ photocell” that senses light from darkness. In peacetime, the “ photocell” can not senses the beam of light form the “ light-emitting diode ( LED) ” . When there is smoke into the chamber of detector , the beam of light is scattered by smoke particles, and the scattered light hit the“ photocell” , thus the alarm is initiated.

Features :
12VDC input power, can be combined with security/ burglar system N/ C ( normal/ close) ; N/ O ( normal/ open) selected relay output With a button on the surface, when the detector alarms, the LED signal will hold until press the button.

Specification :
Input Voltage : 12VDC Standby Current : 90¼ A Alarm Current : 60mA Suitable Temperature : -15~ 50° C Suitable Humidity : 0~ 95% RH Size : 103mm x 43mm Weight : 150g Material : Fire-resisting ABS material Joint Contact : Copper ( zinc-plated) Color : Ivory White Notes Prohibit from being installed at the places with large volume of smoke and steam lingering, and the inlet and outlet of cold and warm air.

The red wires are power source ( 12VDC) The black wires are the signal source. N/ O type, point 3 and point 4 do not connect in peacetime, when alarm, point 3 and point 4 will be connected. N/ C type, point 3 and point 4 connected in peacetime, when alarm, point 3 and point 4 will be unconnected. Fire alarm system
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