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HC-208 Single-station Smoke Detector C/ W Battery 9 V

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01 / 12 / 2019
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BITFIRE INDONESIA adalah Perusahaan Penyedia Barang, Jasa Konsultan dan Kontraktor di bidang Mekanikal Elektrikal Sistem, termasuk bidang Pencegahan Bahaya Kebakaran, Kesehatan & Keselamatan Kerja ( K-3) dan Sistem keamanan kerja. BITFIRE Indonesia menyediakan Produk dan Layanan unggulan yang dapat diterapkan untuk Industri Minyak dan Gas.

Detail HC-208 Single-station Smoke Detector C/ W Battery 9 V

Features : * 9V battery operated * With a test button on the surface, easy for user to check the detector if work normally * 80 dB AT 1 METER * When under voltage, the detector will " beep" every 5 seconds to warn the battery is near dead. Specification : Input Voltage : 9VDC ( Battery) Standby Current : 20¼ A Alarm Current : 10mA Suitable Temperature : -15~ 50° C Suitable Humidity : 0~ 95% RH Size : 134mm x 31mm Weight : 158g Sound : 80dB at 1m Material : Fire-resisting ABS material Color : Ivory White * The Kitchen-Smoke from cooking might cause an unwanted alarm. * The Garage, when starting your vehicle, it might produce smoke to trigger alarm. * large volume of smoke and steam lingering, and the inlet and outlet of cold and warm air-conditions. * In peak of an " A" frame type ceiling. * In areas where temperatures may fall below 40° F of above 100° F. ( 5° C to 38° C) * In dusty areas, dust particles may cause Smoke Alarms to false alarm or fail to alarm. * In very humid areas or near a bathroom, moisture can cause false alarm.
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