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Service and Maintencance BITFIRE INDONESIA Terlengkap

If you own a business, most likely you own valuable equipment that keeps your business running on a daily basis. What happens to all that equipment if an unexpected fire breaks out in the building and there is nothing there to protect your valuables and sensitive equipment ? Many businesses installed Fire Protection System to protect their company’s most important assets from a fire emergency. However, without performing proper maintenance or inspections on your fire protection system, the system may not activate properly when there is a fire, leaving your business in shambles. BITFIRE INDONESIA offers a wide range of Fire Protection System services and Maintenance to keep your systems in operating condition, Our services are : Inspections, Preventive Maintenance Programs, Repair, Testing & Commissioning etc..for : a. Fire Hydrant System & Springkler System : Diesel Pump, Electrical Pump, Jockey Pump, Control Panel etc b. Fire Alarm System : MCFA, Heat Detector, Smoke aDetctor, FLame Detector, etc c. FM 200 Fire Supression System d. CO2 System 3. Gas Medical System etc Our technicians are certified to help you meet NFPA or SNI local government requirements. Whether you own a large commercial facility or a small industrial complex, we can make sure that you're as safe as possible should an emergency occur. To talk to a representative about a plan that can work for you, call us today at : 0813 8014 0997

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